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Our values

At Holybrook Primary School, we are dedicated to nurturing a community where every child can thrive, supported by our core values of courtesy, kindness, respect, and an engaging, inclusive curriculum. These values guide our approach to education and shape the nurturing environment we provide for our students to learn and grow.


We believe that every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate consideration and politeness. Our students learn the importance of greeting others warmly, listening with attention, and expressing gratitude. By emphasising courtesy in our daily routines, we cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect where every member of our community feels valued and heard.



Kindness is the heart of our community. We encourage our students to extend compassion and support to one another, fostering a sense of belonging and teamwork. Whether it’s helping a friend, sharing resources, or offering words of encouragement, we strive to make kindness a reflexive part of our school culture. This commitment to empathy ensures that our students not only excel academically but also develop emotionally and socially.



Respect is fundamental to our ethos. We teach our students to respect diverse perspectives and backgrounds, which enriches our community and broadens their own understanding of the world. By respecting themselves, each other, and their environment, our students learn to take responsibility for their actions and to contribute positively to society.


Our Engaging, Inclusive Holybrook Curriculum

We are committed to providing an engaging curriculum that meets the needs of all children, this has been built by our school for our community around our four drivers: Fresh Experiences,

Equality and Diversity, Our Place in the World and Possibilities. Our approach encompasses a wide range of subjects and activities, ensuring that each child can find something that excites and motivates them. We emphasise inclusivity, making sure that every child, regardless of ability or background, receives the support they need to succeed. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible, adapting to the interests and abilities of our students to provide a truly personalised learning experience.


At Holybrook Primary School, our core values are not just words but actions that we live by every day. We invite you to join our community where your child will be respected, valued, and encouraged to flourish academically, socially, and personally.