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We are delighted to welcome you to Horizons Resourced Provision (RP) at Holybrook Primary School. We are proud to be part of the Exceed Academy Trust.

Horizons is a Resourced Provision (RP) for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.

As a team we strive to offer the children a safe base where all their needs are met, with a focus on helping them develop their SEMH needs, in positive ways.

In Horizon’s we work closely with Parents and Carers, so together, we can help all children in Horizons succeed.

Let’s look inside Horizons…


Our ‘Sunlight’ room is where the children do their Maths, English and other subjects. It is specifically set out in this way so all children can be supported throughout the lesson. We aim to be in green zone when we are learning in here.


Our ‘Sunshine’ room is a play based provision room. We use this throughout the day for our ‘Brain Breaks’. This enables the children to still learn, but through play. We focus on building the children’s social, fine motor, problem solving and creative skills! We aim to be in green zone when we are learning in here.


Our ‘Sunrise’ room is our sensory room that we use throughout the day. The room uses light, sound and a range of specialised equipment, designed to create an environment that is used for interaction and relaxation.  It is a calming and engaging environment. We can use this room if we are in a yellow or blue zone.


Our ‘Sundown’ room is a room for the children to use that is safe, so if they need space to release their emotions, they can safely do it in here. The coloured dots on the wall, can be pressed to change the colour of the room! We can use this room if we are in a red zone.

and outside too!

Our outdoor area is fantastic for burning off some of our energy (staff and children!) The children love our climbing frame. We also put lots of resources outside, including bats, balls and hoops! When the weather is kind to us, we like to take our learning outside!

At Holybrook we also have an Allotment where Horizon children can plant and look after produce! We can then make things with the things we have grown!

Outdoors is a fantastic place for children to develop their social and communication skills.